Before you begin your journey in finding the right MRI infusion pump and patient monitor that is best equipped to handle your practice’s needs, let’s define what role these integral portable pieces will play during the MRI scanning procedure.

An infusion pump is a device that controls the rate at which a patient's intravenous fluid is administered. This safe and programable process assists in the patient bedside practice with its automated delivery of IV fluids, medications, sedatives, antibiotics, and more. An MRI scanning procedure can take anywhere between 15 and 90 minutes, and in some cases can last up to 2 hours, so critically ill patients who require a constant drip infusion cannot be without sustained medication for this extended period of time. A portable infusion pump can be placed in the scanning room when the patient is being scanned inside the MRI machine, allowing you to provide a constant flow of fluids during the scanning process. This system ensures a predictable delivery of fluids for critically ill patients so that they are always receiving a sustained flow of medications.

An MRI patient monitor can further simplify the MRI scanning procedure by assisting the caregiver with acquiring, processing, and displaying the patient's vital signs and measurements that are taken during the MRI exam and patient transport. This allows continuous observations of the patient's health during the extended time that the patient will be inside the MRI and away from caregiver assistance.

Choosing the Best Infusion Pump and Patient Monitor

Here is the best MRI Infusion pump and best patient monitor that the experts at Probo Medical recommend. Both the MRI infusion pump and monitor are designed to work together to optimise workflows so that you can spend more time scanning your patients with their easily programable settings.

IRadimed 3880 MRI Monitoring:

The IRadimed 3880 is the world's first non-magnetic patient monitor, designed to be small and light. Iradimed’s MRI-safe IV infusion pump is FDA approved and is considered one of the safest intravenous infusion pumps on the market today according to our experts. Slim, lightweight, with enough battery life to go the distance, this ‘point of care’ monitor has been meticulously engineered to meet the needs of today’s complex MRI workflow.

MRidium® 3860+ MRI IV Infusion System:

The MRidium 3860+ MRI IV Infusion System meets the demanding clinical needs of today’s patients, by allowing continuous delivery of fluids and medication throughout the MRI care cycle. As the world's first and only non-magnetic infusion pump, its design allows the MRidium® infusion pump to operate safely in ultra-high magnetic fields without the need for workarounds typically required with traditional infusion pumps.