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Ultrasound Probe Repair

We Set the Standard.
  • TEE

  • Sector

  • Convex

  • Linear

  • 3D/4D

Our customers save thousands by repairing their probe with us rather than purchasing a new or refurbished replacement.

Expansive Repair Capabilities

Whether you're seeking a simple lens repair or an extensive overhaul on a TEE probe, the repair specialists at Probo Medical are here to provide you with a total ultrasound probe repair solution.

Upon assessment, we'll notify you of the repairs needed. We'll quote the costs and begin our thorough repair process. Once repaired, we'll perform the final testing then send the probe back to you.

What you need, how you need it

Probo Medical has the largest inventory in the world of ultrasound probes available for loan or sale from all OEMs.

To ensure repairs are up to above industry standards, we test and retest every product we work on. When you choose Probo Medical for your probe repairs, you can feel confident that your equipment is in good hands.

Only the best service & support

Our services are comprehensive - partner with is for repairs, rentals, replacements and more. We offer lower rates then the manufacturers so you never have to worry about being overcharged for our services.

Find out more about Probe Repair

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