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Medtron Products and Consumables

MEDTRON AG is a global medical technology company and a leading European manufacturer of state-of-the-art contrast medium injectors.
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Medtron Products and Consumables

MEDTRON AG has established itself on the market as one of the leading European manufacturers of state-of-the-art contrast medium injectors and consumables: Many thousands of doctors, clinics and diagnostic facilities worldwide already trust in MEDTRON contrast medium injectors made in Germany. The innovative and high-quality injector systems complete almost all modern examination methods that can be carried out using medical imaging systems such as magnetic resonance imaging, computer tomography and angiography.

medtron mr

Magnetic Resonance Imaging

Accutron® MR3

The Accutron® MR3 is a double syringe contrast delivery system with a third syringe acting as a dedicated infusion pump. The Accutron® MR3 double syringes are designed for precise injection of contrast media and saline in MR clinical imaging including paediatric, angiography, neuro and mammography as well as other routine MR examinations. Whereas the dedicated infusion pump is intended for the slow delivery of any additional or necessary medications required during specific MR examinations.

Accutron® MR P

Pediatric MR imaging faces complex challenges such as minimal flow rate requirements, extremely fragile veins as well as optimal contrast volume selection and delivery. Accutron® MR & MR3 are both ideal for paediatric imaging because they provide precise injection volume and flow rates with decimal increments allowing for careful administration of the contrast media dose. It is especially critical in paediatric MR imaging where precise comparability with high-quality imaging is needed, such as in paediatric cardiac and oncologic imaging.

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Computed Tomography

Accutron® CT-D

Accutron® CT-D Vision is the latest evolution of MEDTRON AG flagship CT injector. Designed to enhance the operability, the modernised user interface is displayed on larger touch screens and provides a simplified programming and a more comprehensive follow-up of each injection step. The new IDS (Injection Data Sharing) option allows to share injection data through a RIS/PACS integration with the digital radiology infrastructure.

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Accutron® CT

Radiographers and radiologists are working mostly on screens throughout the day, monitoring examinations and analysing images. With high resolution touch screens, of 10” on the injection unit and 12“ on the remote control, Accutron® CT-D Vision improves the comfort of use and helps to reduce eye fatigue. The new graphical user interface provides a comprehensive overview of each examination.

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Accutron CT-D-Vision_frei


Accutron® HP-D

The Accutron HP-D is a double syringe contrast delivery system designed for precise injection of contrast media and saline in angiography procedures at high pressures. Particularly suitable for 3D angiography and Cone Beam CT due in part to its multiple phase capability and contrast concentration adjustment by simultaneous saline injection and its 180° swivel-mounted monitor which allows the user to operate it from both sides of the OR table. It can also synchronise wirelessly with the angiography systems using a specialized OEM interface.

Accutron HP-D can also be operated as a single head injector, making it adaptable to all types of imaging protocols, for both diagnostic and interventional procedures. In addition to working with angiography procedures in angio mode, the Accutron HP-D offers a standard pressure CT mode for intravenous use in hybrid CT procedures in the angiography suite.

Accutron® HP

The Accutron HP is a contrast delivery system designed for precise injection of contrast media in angiography procedures at high pressure. Accutron HP is an allrounder multi-talent because in addition to working with angiography procedures in angio mode, the Accutron HP offers a standard pressure CT mode for intravenous use in hybrid CT procedures in the angiography suite. You can confidently be assured that Accutron HP delivers the injection parameters your procedures require because it features a 200 ml injection volume capacity, an automatic detection of the pressure jacket and flow rate monitoring software that provides real-time micro adjustments for maintaining an optimal flow rate.

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We supply & huge variety of sets, tubes & syringes for single use as well as multiple use 8h Tube systems for CT & MRI.

Day Safe System is the new disposable from MEDTRON AG for multi-patient use up to 24 hours. The Day Safe Syringes together with the Day Safe Filling Tube D form a closed filling and injection unit that only needs to be changed once per day. Completed by the SUre Patient Line, which is changed per patient and equipped with two check valves, the Day Safe System guarantees you safety and control up to 24 hours a day.

Used in conjunction with the Accutron® CT-D, Accutron® MR and Accutron® MR3 double head contrast media injectors, the Day Safe Sytem
can be used in CT and MRI to significantly improve patient safety and your ease of use.

Accutron® Thera

Accutron Thera model for PIPAC this dual head injector for innovative therapy and diagnosis. The only injector for the approval for the PIPAC process. Provides wireless operating flexibility to minimally invasive or non-invasive procedures. Fluid delivery by single or multiple phase protocols from one or two sources. Real time pressure graph and precise flow rate adjustments monitored on remote control.

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