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Our Commitment to You

Probo Medical is a diagnostic imaging equipment distributor that delivers high-quality, affordable imaging equipment and services to medical practices around the country.

The Probo Story

Every company has a story, and Probo’s is just getting started. Learn more about where it all begins and what our big plans are for the future.

Probo Medical was founded in 2014 to provide affordable, quality ultrasound probe sales and repair. We quickly grew from a small Indiana business into a global company with more than ten locations worldwide. Today, Probo Medical is the largest ultrasound equipment distributor in the world. 

MIUS, founded by Paul Mount in 1997,was a Gloucester, United Kingdom based provider of third-party service, repairs and maintenance for medical imaging equipment across the UK. MIUS provided service to over 250 NHS Trusts and Hospitals for Ultrasound, CT, MRI, X-ray and other medical imaging equipment with a 99.98% average uptime rate. Additionally, MIUS bought, sold and rented a broad range of medical imaging equipment and holds ISO 13485:2016, ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015certifications. MIUS was acquired by Probo Medical on the 25th January, and continue to be a highly respected market leader on both the medical sales and servicing sector. 

Founded in 2018, Future Medical Equipment was created to bring together the used Imaging Equipment experience and expertise of the UK based team with the Global Market presence of our US based partners. Through procuring, de-installing and disposing of used Imaging equipment in the UK and throughout Europe alongside remarketing in the US and throughout the world, Future Medical Equipment grew to become the largest non OEM purchaser of used Equipment in Europe. The Future Medical team provided customers with an efficient, professional service, managing projects from start to end with the customers requirements always paramount. The success of the Company and value of the partnerships with US based organisations soon became recognised globally and in 2021 Future Medical Equipment became part of the Probo Medical family.  

We recognized that by reducing the cost of medical equipment, we could also help make healthcare more accessible for everyone everywhere. However, we needed to offer more than ultrasound probes and repair to do this effectively.We started to grow… fast. Each of our eleven acquisitions brought a team of experts and product offerings, which we’ve assembled into a simple, centralized solution for healthcare professionals.

If you think our acquisition rate is overwhelming, we’re just getting started. Our team, our products, and our potential create a perfect mix to change the world of healthcare.

Our Mission

With Probo, you’ll get a true partner who puts you first.

We’ve made it our mission to increase access to healthcare services for every patient worldwide, and we believe that starts with reducing healthcare costs and empowering medical professionals to make smarter decisions for their healthcare business.

Our Values

Quality Relationships

We empower our teams to solve problems together and focus on creating partnerships that will last for years to come.

Quality Experience

We understand how important your technology and systems are to your overall business, so we always move with urgency.

Quality Products

We are committed to quality, which is why we’ve perfected our 24-step refurbishment process to ensure you’re always getting the best possible product.

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Learn About Our Wide Range of Diagnostic Imaging Services