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IRadimed 3860+ MRidium IV System

The authorised experts in MRidium Pumps, Maintenance, and Accessories for MRidium IV pumps
IRadimed 3860 IV Infusion Pump System

3860+ MRI IV Infusion Pump system

Probo Medical is the authorised UK distributor and maintenance provider for IRadimed Infusion pumps, accessories and associated consumables.

MRidium Wireless MRI Infusion IV Pump

The MRidium® 3860+ MRI IV Infusion System meets the demanding clinical needs of today’s patients, by allowing continuous delivery of fluids and medication throughout the MRI care cycle.

The non-magnetic design allows the MRidium® infusion pump to operate safely in ultra high magnetic fields without the need for workarounds typically required with traditional infusion pumps.

Probo Medical offers service, sales, accessories and consumables for the MRidium IV systems. We have everything you need to purchase and maintain your IV pumps. See below for available consumables and accessories.

Download the 3860 MRI Infusion Pump Brochure

Using a traditional pump near an MRI scanner has the following risks:
Erratic Performance

Infusion Flow Accuracy

Occlusion Alarm Delay

MRI Image Artefact

Projectile Hazard

Patient on a infusion pump getting pushed by doctors in a hospital.

3860+ MRI IV Infusion Pump Accessories and Consumables

Product CodeNameDescriptionImage
3860+EUMRidium IV PumpThe non-magnetic MRidium 3860+ / 3860 and its ability to infuse medications within the MRI environment maintains the same standard of care experienced in the ICU MRidium 3860+ EU IV pump
3861MRidium Sidecar ChannelThe MRIdium with additional Sidecar Channel offers a unique and effective way to deliver multiple IV fluids, safely and accurately next to the MRI system. MRidium Sidecar Channel
3865EU Wireless Remote ControlThe Wireless Remote eliminates delays caused by stopping the MRI scan to titrate or bolus by providing clinicians full operation from the MRI control room. IRadimed Wireless Remote Control 3865EU
1145 MRidium DERS SoftwareDesigned to reduce infusion errors, the DERS custom drug library enhances infusion safety, provides potential cost savings. IRadimed MRidium DERS Software 1145
1170Fibre-Optic SpO2 SensorThe integrated Masimo SET¨ SpO2 monitoring capability provides additional monitoring capability when transporting patients to and from MRI. IRadimed integrated Msimo Set Sp02 Fibre-Optic SPO2 Sensor 1170
1171 Reusable Grip Sensor (Size 1, 2 and 3)Reusable Rubber Grip Sensors come in 3 sizes IRadimed Reusable Grip Sensor Accessory 1171
1133 Spare BatteryNon-Magnetic battery used with the 3880 & 3860 IRadimed Spare Battery 3880 and 3860 1133
1119IRadimed Roll StandNon-magnetic roll stand for use with IRadimed MRI Patient Monitors and MRI IV Infusion Pumps IRadimed Roll Stand Accessory 1119
1056-50 MRidium Standard Infusion SystemThis set is ideal for Paediatrics, Anaesthesia, and other modalities which call for small dose delivery through a syringe. The set uses Microbore Tubing along with integrated set and pump based free flow protection for maximum safety. MRidium Standard Infusion system IRadimed 1056-60
1057-50MRidium Vented Syringe Adapter setDesigned for starting a new IV line in the MR. The set is 118_ long, latex free, DEHP free, PVC tubing with a universal bag spike. It utilises two Needle Free Luer Locking Valve Sites designed for secondary and IV Push Delivery. IRadimed MRidium Vented Syring Adapter Set 1056-50
1058-50MRidium IV Extension Pump setDesigned infusion set, which allows hospitals to easily switch over hospital pump based IV sets to the MRidium Pump without having to tear down lines or disconnect from the patient. This allows for quick transfer of patients and may reduce the risk of infection from the disconnection of lines. MRidium IV Extension Pump Set 1058-50

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