We get it. Renewing your service contract may have fallen towards the end of your to-do list. While we understand, we also want to share a few reasons that may help boost the importance of renewing your service contract when it is due. Maybe we’ll even reprioritise your to-do list.


  1. Continuity of Coverage


You will experience the best up-time on equipment consistently looked after by professionals. By not renewing your contract on time, you are breaking the routine of check-ups on your diagnostic imaging equipment’s performance. The break in coverage may reduce the equipment’s reliability in the future.


  1. Delays in Service Response Times


Time is of the essence when equipment breaks down. Service teams can lose hours responding to the fault due to service coordinators service coordinators verifying whether the contract is being renewed, thus delaying when the engineer is dispatched. Not to mention, your service may be more expensive compared to your previously contracted rates because additional call-out charges can fall outside of your contract premium.


  1. Standard Call Out Rates


Not renewing your service contract on time can incur financial deficits as well. If you are out of scope on your service contract and not far enough in the process of renewing your next contract, you could experience higher fees since additional call-out charges fall outside of your contract premium.




Delaying your service contract renewal results in nothing good. We hope after reading this blog post that renewing your service contract is moving up on your to-do list. Maybe you even set a calendar date to gather your team to revisit the terms? Can't ask too much, but hopefully, we have convinced you of the importance of renewing your contract on time.