Probo are delighted to announce that a donation of £1877.41 has been made to the Cardiac Risk in the Young charity, to support their work in being able to find new ways to tackle Brugada Syndrome.

This was a cause that was very close to home for the Probo family, as Service Engineer Matt Harris and his partner Rachel went through a unimaginably tough  time  with their young daughter Ellie who was diagnosed with rare heart disease, Brugada syndrome when she was only  year old. After going into cardiac arrest, Ellie was airlifted to hospital where she was saved by the fast actions of the doctors.

Ellie has been fitted with a mini defibrillator and is believed to be the youngest patient in the world with her condition. The defibrillator is there to combat her Brugada syndrome, a rare genetic illness that causes arrhythmia, disrupting the heart’s rhythm, which can lead to a cardiac arrest at any moment.

At MIUS we wanted to help Ellie and everyone else suffering with this rare heart disease, so we took on various challenges and fund-raising activities to help raise awareness! Everyone was keen to do their bit - some battled the elements in the Eastnor castle 10km mud run, while others  went without alcohol for a full month! A few cake sales helped keep the office staff happy and  also kept the total ticking over.

Raising money for charity through a mud run
We are so grateful for all the donations and support we received from all at Probo Medical and everybody else who has so generously donated.