MRI Patient Monitor Utilised in Mobile Unit

Probo Medical are pleased to share news on another successful installation of the IRadimed non-magnetic patient monitor into a mobile scanner unit. The equipment will be utilised within the MRI department over the coming months. With its lightweight and portable design, it was desirable within the mobile unit and was a first choice for the Hospital. The continuity of patient monitoring and data storage is also a huge advantage and will allow the MRI staff to concentrate on the patient needs and for a more effective use of the MRI room and MR personnel.

No matter what your requirements are, the Iradimed monitor will perfectly integrate into your #MRI unit’ or similar. The vital signs monitor is mountable anywhere: wall, roll-stand, bed rail, or anaesthesia cart and can quickly be detached for immediate mobility. IRadimed 3880 provides MRI safety and full functionality in a compact, non-magnetic package. With the wireless functionality, 3- or 5- lead ECG, and Masimo® SpO2 this was an ideal solution for their needs.

The Iradimed 3860 MRI Infusion Pump can also sit alongside the Patient Monitor for continuous delivery of fluids and medication throughout the MRI care cycle.

For more details on how the MRI Monitor or Infusion Pump could aid your department, please email: