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Acuson Sequoia (2018 Release)


Call to configure, special pricing available 01452 729380

In 2018, about 10 years after the final update of the original Acuson Sequoia, Acuson revived the very popular ultrasound machine with an entirely new design of its most powerful and popular ultrasound machines, the Acuson Sequoia.

The Acuson Sequoia is one of the most popular premium ultrasound systems in history. The 2018 Sequoia release has excellent penetration and resolution and holds a good place in the premium ultrasound system market.

With completely new hardware, a large OLED screen and a huge 15.6″ touchscreen, the new 2018 release of the Sequoia looks and acts nothing like its predecessor. Most importantly, the new Sequoia breaks new ground in image quality. Most notably, its new acoustic technologies allow for visualization up to 40cm, whereas most ultrasounds are effective up to about 30cm.

InFocus imaging on the Sequoia eliminates the need for focal zones because it has enough power to provide “in focus” imaging throughout the entire field-of-view.

Another innovative technology is the multitouch sensors on the transducers. This allows for controlling some functions on the machine without losing touch with the patient. A simple double-tap on certain areas of the transducer will perform the user-defined function.

Active Probe Ports




DICOM Options

MPPS, Print, Store, Structured Reports, Commitment



Export Options



Anatomical M-Mode, Auto Optimization, Color Doppler, Compound Imaging, Contrast, DICOM, Elastography, HPRF, M-Mode, Needle Visualization, Power Doppler, PW Doppler, Speckle Reduction, Tissue Harmonics, AutoDoppler Calculations, AutoIMT, CW Doppler, Elastography Q-Analysis, Shear Wave Elastography, Strain Elastography

Imaging Modes


Maximum Depth (cm)


Primary Applications

Small Parts, Abdominal, Breast


15.4" LCD



Year Built

2018 – Present

I first saw the new Sequoia at RSNA Chicago 2018, and it was very impressive. 

It is most unfortunate that this system was retired and brought back… 10 years too late. The Sequoia was the gold standard for so many applications, especially it’s premium cardiac imaging. But it was put to rest. Then, way too late, Siemens realised that it discontinued an amazing product with a great history (while replacing it with problematic ultrasounds that didn’t meet the market demands). 

The Sequoia 2018 looked as though it would bring this great product back, but unfortunately we haven’t seen it much on the refurbished market. This means parts are hard to find and service calls may be more expensive than you’d hoped. 

If a deal can be found on this machine, it requires a good look and comparison for price-performance vs its top competition from GE and Philips.

Call us romantics, but the old Acuson Sequoia was an outstanding machine and it was hard to see it go away. The resurrection wasn’t what we’d hoped, but we are definitely hoping to see it rise to the top again.

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