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IRadimed Ferrous Metal Detector

IRadimed entryway protection and threat detection device
iradimed FMD

Threat Detection Device for MRI Saftey

Probo Medical is the authorised UK distributor and maintenance provider for the IRadimed Ferrous Metal Detector, accessories, and associated consumables.

A threat detection device that reduces false alarms through entryway protection for a smarter threat qualification system.

The IRadimed FMD is the only product on the market that combines ferrous metal detection with motion sensing. Threats are detected based on the item’s speed, direction, and ferrous signature, helping eliminate alarm fatigue common with other ferromagnetic detection devices.

Equipped with Trusense technology and AI capabilities, the IRadimed FMD is an entryway protection device that alerts staff with colour coded LED lights that illuminate green, yellow, or red based on individual threats to protect staff, patients, and equipment. This device also comes equipped with RALU (remote alarm logging unit), which is a wireless touchscreen interface to the FMD1 that allows the user to log and report incidents. RALU gives the ability to show on screen messages with audible alarms, door position that alerts if left open, and allows simplified logging of events and system configuration.

This system was designed to be a plug and play device, meaning that there is no building work required or department downtime with no additional costs to install.

IRadimed MRI  Patient monitoring system

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