Hospitals are experiencing complications scheduling backlogged patients who were unable to receive tests due to COVID-19 restrictions. Probo Medical recognised that short and long-term rental units would assist hospitals in getting caught up by allowing them to pay only for what they needed, rather than purchasing a new unit, having to send patients elsewhere, or scheduling patients months on.

Recently, the Rentals team at Probo Medical completed its first MRI pod. The bespoke high-end relocatable healthcare trailer was fitted with a Siemens Magnetom Aera MRI by Probo Medical, who specialise in rentals and repair of Diagnostic Imaging Equipment.

The Pod was custom fit with a 48 channel Aera MRI which was housed in the free-standing relocatable clinical environment.  The unit is fully self-contained with redundant chillers (primary and secondary) separate tech, control and operator areas, including a separate changing room for patients. It has complete sets of coils including a 32 Channel spine, Tx-Rx knee coil, ankle/foot, breast, head and neck, and 4 flex body coils.

The unit arrived on the hospital site with a levelling hydraulic lift, so there was no need for a crane to load and unload following transportation. The unit is designed to be fully operational following delivery and set up, and can provide extra space and support to reduce long backlogs.

The Probo Medical team is thrilled to help the UK and European hospitals and patients with our rental units.