October is Medical Ultrasound Awareness Month (MUAM)! Ultrasounds are incredible imaging tools that serve many benefits for patients and sonographers. Since Probo Medical is passionate about making a difference in the healthcare industry by offering more affordable and accessible avenues to ultrasound equipment, we want to promote education on ultrasounds to heighten its recognition as an option for patients. Six other notable ultrasound institutions have linked together during October to support MUAM.

The ultrasound machine is becoming exceedingly more prevalent in the medical industry. Ultrasounds are commonly known for their role during pregnancies, but these machines fulfill far more duties than monitoring a developing life in the gestation period. An ultrasound machine also helps save and enhance existing lives through a broad range of medical fields. Ultrasounds serve multiple applications such as for abdominal, breast, cardiac, musculoskeletal, prostate, and urology purposes. The screening capabilities help healthcare professionals decide a course of action by determining further testing avenues to pursue and other appropriate care methodologies to implement moving forward. Ultimately, ultrasounds disclose imperative information that often result in saving lives. From detecting cancers to birth defects, ultrasounds have the ornate ability to relay what is going on inside someone’s body with little risk to the patient.

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A cracked array is an essential fix in order to maximize performance. This is one of the many repairs Probo Medical offers, so that patients can continue to be helped while the repair is being made.
Advancements are constantly being made in the ultrasound world. New features are always being added that upgrade the image quality and overall accuracy and precision of an ultrasound. With imaging services improving all the time, sonographers can provide their patients with better diagnostic tests than ever before. These days, the magnitude of variables that an ultrasound can sport for any specific application is in incredible and has made them increasingly more versatile. But all these intricate components can make it quite difficult to navigate the ultrasound market.
However, MUAM is celebrating by sharing educational and enlightening information to the forefront of the expansive ultrasound business. People in the ultrasound sphere are extremely knowledgeable and passionate about the power of ultrasound. Probo Medical is no exception as we are driven to lower healthcare costs by purchasing, selling, and refurbishing ultrasound systems and probes. Updated machines often warrant expensive price tags, but Probo’s mission is rooted in offering people with equipment that looks and operates like new at a fraction of the cost. In conjunction with offering incredibly discounted prices, we provide service to help practitioners prevent breakages and preserve their ultrasound equipment.

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At our Probo Medical facility in Tampa, FL, we have dedicated staff that fixes and services ultrasound needs with a congenial demeanor.
Probo Medical continues to progress alongside the growth of ultrasounds. This is displayed by our urgency to get systems and probes fixed, refurbished and shipped out, as well as through our vertical growth by acquisition. Since we launched in 2014, we have acquired MedCorp, Trisonics, and Providian Medical. The integration of these companies permits us to seamlessly offer ultrasound system and probe rentals and sales, ultrasound service and loaners, and C-Arm sales, service and rentals. Providing customers with this comprehensive support is one of our main objectives moving forward. Together, we are strengthening the experience with this medical modality by providing all the services a customer needs in the process of buying and using an ultrasound system or probe. Probo Medical is experienced and committed to making ultrasound equipment more affordable because we understand the impact ultrasounds have in people’s lives, and we want more people to have access to their lifesaving and enhancing capabilities. Visit Probo Medical for greater details on the services and equipment we offer, and contact us at 317-759-9210 to get connected with a sales representative that can provide even more specific information!