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Mindray Z60 Vet

Call to configure, special pricing available 01452 729380

The Mindray Z60 Vet is a high-performance, portable ultrasound vet machine. The new Mindray Z60 was designed with ease of use and on-the-go capabilities in mind for practical functionality in any veterinary practice. The Point of Care Mindray Z60 Vet for sale comes equipped with innovative software packages and the latest transducer technologies that will provide you with efficient workflow at a great price.
The Z60 Vet delivers ergonomic solutions through its configurations to improve user workflow and diagnostic accuracy to expand your clinical capabilities and meet your evolving professional needs.

The refurbished Mindray Z60 Vet is a full-featured portable ultrasound, equipped with all the latest imaging technologies. This system also comes with an array of durable probes so that you can always be prepared for any clinical environment.

The Mindray Z60 portable vet machine features the following key benefits:

  • iBeam
  • iClear
  • Phase Shift THI

The workflow advantages that are equipped with this machine will provide you with enhanced diagnostic confidence during scanning. Its ergonomic design allows for an intuitive user interface so that you can provide better quality and a wider range of animal care.

We like the Mindray products a great deal because of their stability, image quality, and affordability. This combination makes all of their systems a top choice in most ultrasound arenas. When purchased new, they provide an excellent alternative to the more expensive products from larger manufacturers.

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