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Mindray MobiEye 700


Call to configure, special pricing available 01452 729380

The Mindray MobiEye 700 is a mobile radiography system that is compacted sized, light-weight and designed for convenient operations. This system is an intelligent, powerful, digital x-ray system that provides exceptional image quality. It’s high grade motor allows for advanced manoeuvrability and the bionic arm gives improved flexibility in positioning. All movement can be controlled with a remote, reducing radiation exposure for staff.

The Mindray MobiEye 700 is equipped with the following key features:

  • Mobility with intelligent operation
  • Bionic design manipulator with eight high flexible mechanical joints
  • Power management technology
  • Remote motion control and remote exposure control
  • 19 Inch Multiple-touch Screen
  • Power: 30kw or 50 kw 
  • Width 47cm Weight 370kg
  • Lighter and smaller that comparable systems
  • High reliability and compatibility
  • Detector auto-charging


The Mindray Mobieye 700 Mobile Radiography System bridges the gap between high-quality stationary imaging systems and the need for mobility in a variety of clinical settings. Its advanced imaging technology, mobility, user-friendly interface, and emphasis on patient comfort and safety make it a top choice for healthcare providers. With seamless integration capabilities and reliable performance, the Mobieye 700 is set to elevate the standards of mobile radiography. Recieve precise diagnostics, efficient workflows, and enhanced patient care to transform the way you deliver radiographic services.

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