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Mindray Imagyn I9

Call to configure, special pricing available 01452 729380

The Mindray Imagyn I9 is an advanced OB/GYN system that competes with other high-end systems such as the Voluson E-series and Philips Epiq ultrasound machines. Our sonographers at Probo Medical rank it among the best Women’s Health ultrasound machines on the market. Its advanced features include technologies specifically designed for fields such as perinatology, advanced OB/GYN, women’s health and fertility applications. With its scanning flexibility and convenient design, the new Mindray Imagyn I9 for sale adapts to various clinical environments. Read our Review below to get our thoughts on this new ultrasound machine.

  • 15.6” full HD touch screen with intuitive interaction
  • iConsole intelligent control panel
  • Battery life up to 4 hours of continuous ultrasound scanning
  • Sound Touch Elastography (HiFR STE)
  • UWN+ Contrast Imaging
  • Fusion Imaging
  • Smart HRI
  • RIMT
  • Auto EF
Active Probe Ports






DICOM Options

Print, Query/Retrieve, Store, Worklist, Commitment, Media Exchange, Verify


1020 x 550 x 1000mm, 105kg



Export Options


Imaging Modes

2D, 3D/4D

Max Frame Rate (FPS)


Maximum Depth (cm)



"23.8"" High Resolution LED"

Monitor Resolution


PC Export Formats


Power (USA)

100-240V, 50/60 Hz






Touchscreen, Trackball

USB Ports


Video and Output Options




Year Built


The value of the Mindray Imagyn I9 ultrasound system is almost too hard to pass up. You’ll get a new system with a 5-year warranty for less than the price of a late-model refurbished GE Voluson E8. More specifically, a GE Voluson E8 BT19, which is what we used as a benchmark as the closest competitor. Tough competition, but the I9 holds its own.

No, these are not exact equals. That’s not the case. However, In many ways, the I9 provides more value than the Voluson E8. And that’s saying a lot, as the Voluson line is among our favorite systems out there.

Let’s start with image quality. We found that the image quality of the I9 is superior to most OB/GYN ultrasounds on the market. Its ZST “ZONE” technology is more than just a marketing buzzword. This actually lives up to the marketing hype…. so without getting into the nerd-talk, what you need to know is that it has a drastic effect on image quality. Its dynamic pixel focusing will adjust the image automatically based on what you’re scanning. No focal zones, fewer manual adjustments, better image quality, and improved efficiency. Yes, please.

Our internal ultrasound review, performed in June 2022, ranks the image quality as “Superior”. 

Ergonomically, it’s also a win. With few exceptions, Mindray ultrasounds provide a very good user experience. The menus, workflow, and user interface are generally well-designed and intuitive. The 23.8″ LED monitor is a nice size and very clear. The 15.6″ touchscreen is huge but well-designed. Overall, there’s a big win here. Compared to the Voluson? That’s very subjective, but we find them both to be outstanding and among the best on the market.

3D/4D imaging on the I9 is solid. It is not that of the GE Voluson E8, so for those serious about advanced 4D imaging or running a babyface clinic, the price point will likely be your determining factor on which unit to choose. It does a good job, but the image quality isn’t quite what the Voluson has, and the frame rates are better on the Voluson. Really, though, it’s not fair to compare Voluson 4D against anyone else. Volusons are the best and always have been. However, the value of the I9 cannot be ignored and there are good reasons to choose this over a refurbished Voluson.

Advanced features such as strain and quantitative elastography, Glazing Flow, and many other “Smart” technologies are designed for the high-end women’s health market. Key buyers for the I9? OB/GYNs looking for a great machine, perinatologists needing advanced features, and to some extent, advanced fertility locations. We’re a bit on the fence for 3D/4D Babyface businesses. When it comes to this price range, the Voluson is generally the best and safest pick. but this is definitely something that should be a consideration for value over price.

Finally, Imagyn I9 is pronounced “imagine eye nine”. Most popular mispronunciation: “Imma gene nineteen”. ?

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