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DEXIS Titanium Sensor


Call to configure, special pricing available 01452 729380

The DEXIS Titanium Dental Sensor is a digital intraoral X-ray sensor. DEXIS Titanium is the ultimate PerfectSize™ sensor suitable for all patients and practices. Featuring pristine image quality, a sturdy Aramid-reinforced cable, and adaptable fitment for every patient, DEXIS Titanium is the solution for any dental practice. Utilize this sensor and wave goodbye to workflow concerns.

The DEXIS Titanium Dental Sensor has many key features including:

  • CleanCapture technology, improved signal performance and expanded dynamic range
  • Sensor designed, engineered and tested to withstand impact and help eliminate failure
  • Cable withstands heavy physical use, bite force, impacts, and wide variety of disinfectant chemicals
  • Strong, Comfortable Accessories
  • DEXIS Titanium PerfectSize sensor and its award-winning TrueComfort™ design
  • Choose to remotely diagnose your sensor, be alerted of any anomalies in sensor performance


The DEXIS Titanium sensor captures consistent images with improved tissue contrast across a broader spectrum of radiation levels, especially at low doses. Another intriguing feature of the Titanium dental sensor is to be able to have the sensor function and data analytics monitored in real-time, enabling remote diagnostics to keep the sensor performing as it should with minimal downtime. The Titanium sensor works directly with many of the most popular software platforms without any bridge or additional software purchases.

You can find the DEXIS Titanium dental sensor brochure below. Probo Medical has a large inventory of owner’s manuals and brochures, contact us today for more information.

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