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DEXIS OP 3D Vision V17


Call to configure, special pricing available 01452 729380

The DEXIS OP 3D Vision V17—With a maximum FOV of up to 23 cm D x 17 cm H, the V17 is used most often by orthodontics, oral maxillofacial surgeons, and oral radiologists. Designed to cater to a diverse array of clinical needs, the V17 stands out as the most versatile option within the V-Series lineup. With a maximum and scalable FOV of up to 23 cm x 17 cm, the V17 offers exceptional flexibility. While commonly utilized by orthodontists, oral maxillofacial surgeons, and oral radiologists, this system is suitable for any dentist seeking comprehensive views of the oral-facial complex.

The DEXIS OP 3D Vision V17 has many key features including:

  • Low-Dose Options: OP 3D Vision QuickScan and QuickScan+ protocols allow you to take complete 3D images at a radiation dose comparable to a 2D panoramic image
  • Open Platform: files are not ‘locked’, giving you the freedom to use OP 3D™-captured files in a wide array of programs including CAD/CAM applications and other dental equipment
  • Seated Position: Ergonomic Stability System (ESS) allows for easy, seated patient positioning, designed to minimize patient movement, and avoid unnecessary retakes and additional radiation
  • Traditional 2D Panoramics: Using your system to capture BOTH 2D and 3D imaging assists you with your ALARA goals and helps you transition to 3D imaging at your own pace
  • Full 24.2 cm x 19.3 cm Sensor: equipped with a full 24.2 cm x 19.3 cm sensor capable of yielding a full ceph height 3D scan (13 cm x 16 cm) in just 4.8 seconds
  • No Offset Scanning: Unlike the OP 3D Vision Series, some 3D CBCT imaging machines use a smaller sensor, which only captures half of the volume at a time requiring images to be stitched together


The OP 3D Vision V17 provides flexibility and a wide range of image sizes, catering to various 3D requirements such as orthodontics, orthognathics, airway analysis, and oral surgery. Enhance surgical predictability and ensure confident outcomes in patient treatment with the advanced 3D treatment planning tools of OP 3D™ Vision. Utilize its high-resolution volumetric images and comprehensive 3D views to conduct a meticulous analysis of bone structure and tooth orientation. Gather precise data and map out a comprehensive treatment plan, from the surgical placement of the implant and abutment to the final restoration, ensuring optimal results at every stage.

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