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Probo Attends Kanal’s 3rd European MRMD/MRSO Course

Kanal event

The Probo Medical team attended ‘Kanal’s 3rd European MRMD/MRSO Course’ from June 12-14th in London. ‘Kanal’s MRMD/MRSO Course’ is an…

Probo Medical Partners with Mindray Animal!

Probo Medical and Mindray Animal

Probo Medical is excited to announce our partnership with Mindray Animal to sell Mindray veterinary ultrasound equipment. Mindray Animal Care…

Radiology Ultrasound Machine Buyer’s Guide

Radiology ultrasound machines are versatile, powerful, and expensive. Choosing the right one for your practice can be challenging. I’m here…

Procurement Team Expands Further

Nadia Akhtar ID picture

In December medical diagnostic Imaging specialists Probo Medical welcomed a new team member Nadia Akhtar, into the Commercial Department. Nadia…

Probo Medical Aquires MI Healthcare

probo aquires MI

TAMPA, Fla.– Probo Medical (“Probo”), a leading global provider of medical imaging equipment, parts, repair, and service, announced the acquisition…

What Is The Difference Between MRI Scanners?

mri probo medical

MRI Machine Types When deciding which MRI Scanner will work best with your hospital or imaging center, there are many…

How an MRI Infusion Pump Works

Before you begin your journey in finding the right MRI infusion pump and patient monitor that is best equipped to…

Step-by-Step Guide for a Clear “Babyface” 4D Ultrasound Image

How to Perform 4D Ultrasound for “Babyface” Imaging Of all the topics I have covered in my videos, this one is…

Ultrasound and Melanoma

On June 21st, summer is officially here! We’re finally able to enjoy sunshine and don’t have to worry about bundling…